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Philadelphia Bicycle Injury Accident Lawyer

Laws have been put into place across the United States to ensure cyclists are protected when on the road. Unfortunately, tragedies happen, and bicyclists are involved in accidents regularly. When these accidents are serious and devastating injuries are sustained, you need a personal injury law firm on your side to ensure you’re protected and you receive the compensation deserved for your pain, suffering, lost time at work and recovery. J. Fine Law provides a highly experienced bicycle accident lawyer to represent the victim or their family, offering the finest in legal representation and support. If you’ve suffered any type of injury due to an accident on a bicycle, call our dedicated attorneys at 267-888-2960, fill out our free consultation form on our website or call 1-800-HURT-123 from the scene.

Bike Accident & Injury Attorneys

With the recent spikes in gas prices & the cost of vehicles, more people are using their bicycle to commute to work, school or make a quick trip to the grocery store. But, unlike those driving in cars, SUVs or trucks, bicyclists are completely exposed with only a helmet to provide protection. Motorists are supposed to share the road and pay close attention to cyclists, but the commute can turn deadly if the driver of a car gets distracted. At J. Fine Law, our bike accident attorneys understand the traumas victims must work to overcome; our law firm will be there each step of the way to fight for you & your loved one.

Common Bicycle Accident Causes & Injuries

There are many reasons cyclists will sustain injury when on the road, whether the fault of a distracted driver or the road itself. Some common causes of bicycle injuries include: distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, intoxicated drivers, speeding, running red lights, potholes, uneven pavement and more. A cyclist’s involvement in any of these types of situations can cause devastating, life-altering injuries to the including physical disabilities, loss of limbs, brain/head injuries, pain & suffering, emotional distress and more. To provide the best representation and support, we work closely with your doctors, psychologists and long-term care planners to ensure full compensation is rewarded and you can begin your path to healing, both physically and emotionally.

What are the Helmet Laws for Bicycles in PA?

There are many rules for riding your bicycle in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but the most restrictive laws are for those 12 years of age or younger. The law states if you fall into this age group you are required to wear a helmet if you are operating a bicycle or riding as a passenger – including an attached trailer or restraining seat. If you’re interested, you can read the full Pennsylvania Helmet Law.

Is it Necessary to Wear a Helmet while Riding a Bike?

The law recommends that everyone operating a bicycle should wear a helmet, but an alarming number of people choose to opt out of this safety recommendation. The most obvious reason to wear a helmet when riding a bike is to prevent potentially fatal injuries in the event of a crash or accident with another vehicle. Further, wearing a helmet increases your visibility on the road and could help prevent crashes altogether. Be sure to wear the right size helmet to protect your head and brain and prevent external and internal damage.

What type of Bicycle Safety Gear Should I Use?

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation offers an extensive list of recommended bicycle safety gear in addition to the helmet. All residents of Pennsylvania who enjoy riding a bike should invest in the following safety gear:

  • Only buy a bike that fits your riding needs. In order words, don’t buy a mountain bike for casual weekend rides in the park with your family.
  • Ensure the bike fits your body. A professional bike shop will measure to make sure it is the correct size/style bike for you.
  • Always wear a helmet that properly fits!

Free Consultation with our Bicycle Accident Lawyer for Injured Victims

If you’ve been the victim of a bicycle accident, do not wait to secure legal representation from our personal injury law firm. The quicker we begin reviewing your case, the faster we can ensure you receive the money to cover medical bills and lost wages. Even if your injuries seem minor at the time, we urge you to go to the emergency room and follow up with your primary care provider. This paperwork is vital for your personal injury lawsuit. Free and confidential consultations are available any of our three office locations in Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA and Cherry Hill NJ or over the phone: 267-888-2960.

At J. Fine Law, we specialize in a wide range of personal injury cases and have secured over $50 million in verdict awards and negotiated settlements throughout our 21 years fighting for the rights of our clients. Besides bicycle injuries, we are available for automotive accidents, motorcycle accidents, mass transit accident, Uber/Lyft ridesharing collisions, negligent security and much more.