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Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyers

SEPTA and other such commercial buses are still a very popular way to get around the city of Philadelphia. However, just like the growing trends of the ridesharing services Uber and Lyft, SEPTA buses, long-distance buses and charter buses each present their own dangers and are susceptible to accidents. In some instances, bus accidents can be more dangerous than motor vehicle collisions, because buses rarely have seatbelts or enough air bags for every passenger on board. It takes a team of experienced and specialized bus accident lawyers to understand all the parameters involved in such a case, the long term severity these accidents can have and the compensation owed to the victims. The J. Fine Law Firm has over 25 years of experience in personal injury and accident related cases including motor vehicle, buses accidents, slip & falls, work accidents and more. If you or your loved one has been the victim of a bus accident, call 267-888-2960, fill out our free consultation form on or from the scene of the bus accident call 1-800-HURT-123 to speak with one of our dedicated and professional personal injury attorneys today!

Major Causes of Commercial Bus Accidents

SEPTA and other such charter bus companies are mandated by the government to properly maintain and regularly inspect their commercial vehicles. As a result, accidents rarely occur due to faulty or neglected parts, but usually because of the person manning the vehicle. While the driver’s must have the proper licensing, a clean multi-year background check and adhere to very high standards of driving & care, there are many factors that contribute to serious bus accidents. The common causes for bus collisions include wide turns, dangerous road conditions, distracted driving, substance abuse, passenger vehicle driver error, weather and other such acts of carelessness. If you were involved in a commercial bus accident and sustained injuries which have negatively affected your life and ability to work, call the J. Fine Law Firm for a free consultation.

City & Public Transit Accidents

When a passenger of a city or public transit bus is injured or killed due to the negligence of the driver or because the bus company failed to properly maintain the vessel, the victim can receive compensation from the city, the government or the driver themselves. However, the laws surrounding such cases are extremely complicated when a bus is owned by a city, state or federal government. In some cases, sovereign immunity protects the government from personal injury lawsuits.

In Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth is immune from suit, but there are some exceptions. If the passenger’s injury occurs during the operation of a vehicle that is in the possession of the state government, the victim can sue the state for their injuries.

In New Jersey, a person can sue the state if they can prove one of the following:

  • The injury or death occurred because the property was in dangerous condition
  • The employee was negligent
  • The state new the property (state-owned bus) was unsafe

In Delaware, the victim or their family can sue the state in cases where a motor vehicle is involved in the injury. It must be proven that there was negligence on the part of the employee or state that led to the injury.

Seek Legal Representation after a Bus Collision 

Immediately after a bus accident, protect yourself and ensure you’re able to recover future compensation owed to you by seeking & hiring professional legal representation. Attorneys and insurance companies representing the bus company work right away to minimize your injuries and deny fault. With the qualified and experienced legal team at J. Fine Law on your side, we’ll gather all information regarding the case including witness statements, camera recordings, bus safety evaluations and more in order to accurately prove who is liable for your injuries, medical expenses and damages. It is nearly impossible to fight these cases on your own; protect your legal rights with representation from our bus accident lawyers.

Free Bus Accident Lawyer Consultation

When you call the J. Fine Law Firm for a bus collision injury consultation, you’ll speak to a lawyer! Our firm has experienced great success over 21 years representing victims of personal injury suits, because of our hard work and dedication to every case and every client. Our commitment to the rights of our clients’ has allowed us to secure some of the top settlements and awards in PA and NJ. If you’ve been injured in a SEPTA or bus accident, call 267-888-2960, fill out the consultation form or call 1-800-HURT-123 from the scene for a free consultation today over the phone or in our office locations in Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA or Cherry Hill NJ.