Pool Safety Tips to Avoid Personal Injury Lawsuits

Swimming Pool Safety Tips to Protect Yourself from Liability

J Fine Law Swimming Pool Safety Tips Homeowners Avoid LitigationA backyard swimming pool is a dream for many homeowners, but it can quickly turn into a lawsuit nightmare if you’re not well prepared. Whether a neighborhood teen sneaks into your pool in the middle of the night or you’re hosting a block party and someone becomes injured you could be held responsible. Avoid the stress and costs of a personal injury lawsuit by following our 6 pool safety tips highlighted below. Protect yourself from the liability to cover medical bills, lost wages and other such damages by being a responsible and vigilant swimming pool owner.

6 Pool Safety Tips all Homeowners Should Know

Build a Pool Fence: Prevention is key to reducing the risk of injuries from occurring in and around your private swimming pool. Many states, including New Jersey & Pennsylvania, require a fence be built around the perimeter of the pool. The fence system should also include gates that self-close, childproof latches and see-through panels. All in all, the fence should be built as to prevent children & teens from climbing over it & falling into the pool.

Use a Cover: Another useful method to prevent an accidental slip and fall into your pool is a cover. The attorneys at J. Fine Law suggest a heavy-duty cover that attaches to the sides creating an impenetrable barrier.

Learn First Aid/CPR: Drowning is not the only kind of emergency situation that can take place at you private pool. In case of a fall, scrape or other such injuries, at least one person present during any pool function should know CPR and have a fully stocked first aid kit readily available.

Post Signs: Besides the standard notes posted on your pool by the manufacturer you should equip your entire pool area with rules and warning signage. Pool signs can include “swim at your own risk,” “no diving,” “shallow water” and other related information. While this does not totally eliminate liability, it shows you are a responsible pool owner and can help during litigation.

Reduce Appeal: Besides installing the fence and having a tightly sealed cover on when not in use, other ways to reduce the appeal of your swimming pool include putting away all toys, tubes and flotation devices. Further, calling or stopping by your neighbor’s homes to let them know you have an operating swimming pool allows them to be mindful of their own children.

Purchase Insurance: If your homeowners insurance was purchased before your pool was installed, call your agent to discuss higher amounts of coverage in case of a swimming pool accident.

Personal Injury Litigation Attorney

Follow these pool safety tips year round to avoid a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. For more information on owner liability or to speak with one of our personal injury lawyers about a recent accident you or your loved one was a part of, call J. Fine Law today. We have law offices in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Cherry Hill, NJ to serve a wide range of clients.

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