Common Myths about Slip & Fall Accident Injury Cases

Debunking Slip and Fall Accident Myths

J Fine Law Common Slip and Fall Accident Myths DebunkedIf you’ve been involved in a slip and fall accident you are probably getting information and advice from your friends and family at every angle. While they want the best for you, don’t take their guidance at face value. There are dozens of slip and fall accident myths, many of which are meant to steer you away from filing a suit. J. Fine Law is here to dispel the 6 most common misconceptions surrounding slip and fall accidents.

Don’t be Fooled by These 6 Common Slip and Fall Accident Myths

Quick Settlements are Better

Receiving an upfront settlement quickly may seem like a great option, especially if your medical bills are starting to pile up. However, we never advice that you settle without consulting a personal injury law firm.

First, since the degree of your injuries may not be apparent so close to when the slip & fall accident occurred this quick settlement probably won’t reflect the full amount you should be compensated. Second, any information you provide to your or the negligent party’s insurance company could be used against you without proper representation.

Doctor Visits aren’t Necessary

Medical records are one of the most crucial pieces in our investigation. Even if your injuries seem minor, a visit to your family physician will only help your case. Without proper documentation, the insurance companies will claim your injuries are not related to the slip & fall accident.

Only a Private Property Owner can be Held Liable

This is one of the most common slip and fall accident myths clients bring to our attention. There are many circumstances surrounding these types of accidents, it is our job to determine who bears what fault and get you fair compensation.

You can’t Recover Damages if you were Partially at Fault

Many victims believe they cannot file a suit, because they may have been partially at fault for the accident. Maybe you tripped because you were texting and walking, or you were distracted by talking & didn’t see the wet floor. No matter what the circumstances are on your end always consult with a Philadelphia personal injury law firm before deciding to throw away a case where you could be awarded for your injuries.

Compensation is Only Awarded for Physical Injuries

In Philadelphia, victims can recover damages related to their physical injuries as well as lost income, pain & suffering, emotional distress and punitive damages.

Exaggerating Injuries Can Earn You More Money

If your injuries were sustained due to the negligence of a big box store you may be tempted to exaggerate and squeeze a little more money out of these large corporations. We strongly advice against this practice.

This will taint you as a credible witness and you’ll risk losing your entire case and not being fairly compensated for the injuries you did receive. Further, these big companies spend a great deal of money on highly experienced lawyers who do not cut any corners when it comes to digging through your medical records and hiring their own doctors to do so.

Hire a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer for Trip & Fall Accidents

Contact the personal injury attorneys at J. Fine Law for a free, no obligation consultation regarding your slip & fall accident. There is a statute of limitations in Philadelphia, PA and New Jersey surrounding such cases; don’t let yours slip through the cracks! Our attorneys will gather the proper evidence to prove negligence and reward you fair compensation to cover medical pills, lost wages & injuries after a trip & fall. Call 267-888-2960 or fill out the form on this web page or from the scene call 1-800-HURT-123 to discuss your case with one of our attorneys today!

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