Emergency Room Mistakes that are Detrimental to a Personal Injury Case

Injured in an Accident? Don’t Make These Emergency Room Mistakes

J Fine Law Philadelphia Emergency Room Mistakes to Avoid Personal Injury CaseIf you’ve been injured in a slip & fall, dog bite or car accident your very first thought probably doesn’t go to filing a personal injury case. No matter the circumstances surrounding the accident, there are certain rules and guidelines you should follow in case this does end in a lawsuit. When the injuries sustained result in a trip to the emergency room, be aware of several common mistakes victims make that can jeopardize the entire personal injury case. J. Fine Law, a law firm in Philadelphia specializing in auto accidents, workplace accidents & more, highlights four common emergency room mistakes to avoid ensuring your case holds up in court and you get the compensation you deserve.

4 Common Emergency Room Mistakes that can Damage your Personal Injury Case

Not Describing the Full Extent of your Injuries

This initial assessment by the emergency room doctors and nurses is one of the most crucial. Not only does it ensure you get the proper care and treatment, but this paperwork is vital if this moves in the direction of a personal injury lawsuit. Make sure to highlight all areas of concern, even if it may seem minor at the time.  

Not Keeping your Injury Descriptions Short & Concise

It is your lawyer’s job, not the nurses and doctors, to establish who was in the wrong at the time of the accident. While in the emergency room, keep the descriptions of your injuries short, clear and concise.

The nurses will transcribe your injuries and the insurance company has access to this documentation. Longwinded, confusing descriptions could conflict with your statement about the surrounding events of the accident.

Not Following Up with Primary Doctor/Aftercare Treatment

The emergency room is just to ensure your condition is stable and you are well enough to return home. It will be recommended to make follow up appointments with doctors in their network and/or your own family physician.

Failure to see your primary doctor for a second opinion or participate in your aftercare plan is detrimental in your case. Neglecting these appointments gives the insurance company all the leverage they need to describe your injuries as insignificant and have the case dismissed.

Not Fully Understanding What You’re Signing

When you’re discharged from the hospital you will usually be presented with a stack of papers. While you may be exhausted and ready to get home to recover do not simply sign, initial and walk out the door.

While much of this paperwork gives the hospital permission to bill your insurance company, there could be language that excuses the hospital of liability while you were in their care. Signing the wrong paperwork limits your rights to dispute charges or the treatment you received.

Hire a Philadelphia Personal Injury Law Firm

There are many benefits to hiring a personal injury lawyer in the event you’re ever injured due to someone else’s neglect. The law offices of J. Fine Law are here to help you every step of the way through your case and ensure you’re awarded the compensation you deserve. With offices in Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA and Cherry Hill NJ, our personal injury lawyers are available for in-person and virtual consultations. Call 267-888-290 (PA), 856-209-5258 (NJ) or from the scene at 1-800-HURT-123.

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